The hit of lust

Those were the days when love was like as a romantic movie, the world was the stage. Dressed in my best character, with positive gestures, full of confident and courage…I was about to unleash my extra-militia arsenal, determining to capture this image of my own thought satisfaction. I questioned my main objection…..subjective to this attribute of beauty, I was compel to think about it over and over again.

Often I’ve been reading from famous writers that if you meet somebody, and when looking at them, your heart beats, constantly gazing at each other with positive vibes, losing your sense and concentration because they’re the reason…they should be number one! But what happens when the feeling is somewhat alike? Is that we call…….’the feeling of lust?’ Getting lost, in between feeling a little bit crazy! Because of what you cant fight…consumes you.

She was the morning stars that awaken my thoughts, the evening star that rest my sleep. I could never give up on these thoughts, an extreme feeling that consumed my self-conscious…the feeling of, I wanna push you to the wall so that I can show you how I feel.

It was all dreamed about, the clip was constantly playing in my mind. I become more creative on how I thought about next episodes…entirely lost…I was a slave to my own thoughts without peace and freedom. The feeling was real despite busy and claiming I was chasing my dream.. But this was a big dream!

I kept on living like this, I could never have a word out my mouth…standing there, watching day in and out. Feeling like I’m full of shit! Whatever was happening, I was burning from inside. I couldn’t decide, so shit of lust.



Walking Through The Circle And Self Actualization

All I wanted to give was everything, from my illusions that stuck on me and constantly I could never figure out want to do, within my inner circle of the most trusted allies. I was in that circle, doing the same things over and over again, and no matter how hard I tried to get myself out of that circle, I always find myself in! Often most of the time I could encourage myself it is a matter of time, I will get through this! And time is there, moving so fast….in my mind I have to do something, I know what to do….but how to do it, I dont know! Because of my courage, motive and self esteem was low.

I never lost hope and I was determine that sometimes, some days I will walk over the circle, and free myself to do and achieve what I want. The spirit was ever alive from the beginning, and I trusted it despite from outside I was a complete a different version myself.

People pretend and fake there life in order to fit in a certain social class, others force themselves in order to be within the social life style. It is not a bad thing to do because we are not all lucky to have that life style or fit in that social class…the best policy is to accept yourself the way you are and people will get along with you well…that is what I believe. It is neither a curse nor a choice, because we did not submit any application regarding to which families we should be born in, it just happened, and there you are. It is just the passage of life that one needs to go through in order to achieve want they want.

Passing through the circle is a fight, fighting our behaviours and our non-sophisticated believe system that naturally occurs in us without our knowledge and without our control is not easy. Maybe it is because of hate, because it is because of love, maybe it is about something that we like doing. Sometimes our emotions can lead us to feelings that we cant help ourselves controlling it without support from friends, relatives, family members etc..

Learning how to control our behaviours is fundamental, almost basic in our day to day life. To get along with people depends with how we behave. Our behaviours determine our feelings and thoughts, as this is what makes people draw a common link to a stable relationship of friendship and love.

why you are single

Why are you single?! The question most people can’t provide an appropriate answer to. Ok, you might be single because of what might have happen in your previous relationship and you are trying to get over it. The question is! what period of time do you need to get over something? Some people recovery quickly, of which is a good thing to move on with life and not get stuck to your past imaginations. Others take longer and that is due to our difference in personality, the way we behave, the way we think and the way we feel about life.

Others are single in the name of ‘they are busy pursing there dreams!!, maybe a career that needs more attention and requires them to be more focused, ok, how focused? We don’t know!  It varies from one individual to another’. Others are single because of their background or maybe social life. Others are single because they have choose to be single, these maybe due to luck of courage and confidence to speak their mind and heart, and say what they feel to a person they want to be with…it is all about communication, there is a force of attraction but no conversation, crazy admiration sensation…the feeling of you want to stick it in, she wants it in but nothing is going on in between….this is to both men and women…because attraction is to both sex!!

Others are single because they are tired of moving from one relationship to another and nothing is changing, same disappointments and same mistakes over and over again. Maybe is because you are dating birds of the same features, how do expect change?! Try something new from Prado to probox. Also environment, social- political life of an individual with their religion can make them be single. Others are single because they’re afraid of spending their money, with a negative perception that ladies love money, who doesn’t love money frankly speaking?  We all need cash in order to survive in this world and so on and so forth..etc..

The question is, is it ever correct to be single…maybe past 28 years?! And being single means up staining from sex…and so, how many people are up staining from sex in the name of being single? Is it ever right to think that they are masturbating?! People have different privet life, I don’t know…..

I was not trying to be controversial about anything, especially in this generation where we have sex toys everywhere, and people in the business are busy advertising masturbation as the best and safest way to have sex hence encouraging people to buy their sex toys, the business is doing well so far, chines tycoons are getting rich whereas the level of singleness is now increasing day in and day out, being single sometimes makes one feel  a hero, you can flirt with anyone you want, as long you don’t end up having sex. You can at least sometimes have one and move on, who cares!

The topic of sex and love is immoral among most religious people, I don’t know why? Ooh we should not have sex until marriage, why… Because it is bad, how bad is it? I don’t know and when we end up having it we realized that we have been cheated, and we end up having it again and again till we start making mistakes that could have been solved in our previous life, through sex education and enlightening young developing youth not only on up staining but also to use a condom when things get wet. It is common logic!

Teaching young teenagers the values and the importance’s of being in a stable relationship is also critical in the current world, whereby children are exposed to almost everything on the internet, cyber attackers who can find away of manipulating them to something that we don’t understand. It is difficult to hide the truth, this is because the moment your child realized you have been constantly cheating about certain facts….that is when they fall into the wrong path, and find people who can mislead them to do things that you could have solved by speaking what is truth.

I think it is time to end this cult of, sex and love being shameful among the young developing youths, we look forward on how we can address the issue as it is, the evidence is so vast and we cant afford to evade from it. Through this, people will constantly think of putting a ring on it. Because from a young age, one knows what a stable relationship entails.




First of all I must admit that I am not an expert in matters concerning relationship and how to break through barriers from being a stranger, to a friend, to a true friend, and most of time hugging out together and eventually to lovers and others couples. However I am not a novice, at least I might have an understanding about it relating to my experience and those of others.

Impression is almost fundamental in all matters that reflects in regards to attraction, seeing what you like, feeling it from inside, in the process you get frightened about it, in your mind you’re thinking should I approach her? Is he going to approach me? The rest depends on one self courage and how bad he or she wants it.

21st century, people who were born between 1980s, 90s and early 2000, when the world is entering into an error of advancement of technology, plenty of entertainment, social media and stuff anybody can be a star, it does not matter what you do!!…is how you do it!! The gap between social class matters a lot, what do you have? How much do you have in your M-pesa account, the type of car you drive, how you dress matters a lot to most individuals.

What you have, determines what you get. Money buys love and with it you can constantly cheat, like who cares..if she leaves me I will get someone else, the circle goes round and round and before you realized your life is messed up  because you did not have that discipline of remaining faithful.

Attraction is key, is what we feel. It happens subconsciously, it is beyond our control despite we can handle it. Initiating a good conversation it does not need one to be a good communicator I guess, every individual can find away of expressing themselves vividly as long us they have the courage and the ability to communicate there agenda. Listening also goes hand in hand with understanding, as this will lay a foundation and shade light to what somebody is going to respond.

Men have what we call ‘approach mechanism whereas lady have filtering mechanism’.. This is conscious, as one figures out what he is going to say, and how is going to say it. It is often obvious that people don’t remember what you said, they remember how you said it. What you say will either make one get attracted or may be eager to listen what you’re going to say or she is going to filter you out.

Good communicators always begin their conversation with a sense of humour I’m told, this will either make one smile or laugh hence getting interested to listen to what you are going to say…okay is she smiling, giggling, laughing and looking at you with at intense eye conduct, in the process touching her hair, licking her lips ooh she on fire, she is interested? Definitely yes!!. 7% of our communication is voice, 33% expression of our voice and tone and 55% is body language. We communicate more using our body language, and body language does not lie. We can tell if someone is really interested in what we say through their body language. You don’t need to study psychology for you to master the act of studying and understanding body language. Pay attention and concentrate, this will enable you to read people like book and also understanding them inside and out.

Body posture is also crucial, and that is why we are often encouraged to have an open body posture while communicating, this shows your confidence and courage. Confidence and courage is important, and also knowing what to say, why are you saying it, as this will enable you achieve your goals in matters that you intent to communicate….if you want to ask somebody out, sleep over and so on and so forth, this must be reflected in your conversation. Have an agenda to want you want to say, then make it an objection that you will meticulously follow to achieve the end goal. Sweet talking is encouraged, but don’t make it sound like a cliché, you can be filtered out… take care.

Attracting sometimes brings conflict into our conscious. This is because we normally try to get into the other person’s mind, and try to figure out what they are thinking about, it is impossible. We can tell this out through the power of body language despite not everyone is a master of studying and cognitively analyzing body language…in the context of arousal that will eventually lead the conversation to be intimate and more intense.

Touching is encourage, as this initiate moods through the realize of oxytocin (love chemical).  It breaks the barriers of friendship to a potential more than a friend thing. It is not encourage touching an less she has shown that she interested in you. The touch should appropriate, don’t show you are desperate because you might be filtered out.

Medicinal plant

People say marijuana is bad, but the question is, how is it bad?

The axiom of, that people who use marijuana eat a lot or act like they are mad, where did that come from?

Marijuana(Thc) is a pure plant with no chemicals like tobacco. Which criteria did they use to burn marijuana smoking and allow tobacco which is harmful to our body. Marijuana has no harm to our body and infact it is a medicine to most brain diseases unlike tobacco.

Marijuana does not kill people like tobacco does, so how is tobacco good than marijuana?

It is time people should learn to seek the truth for themselves and not to be told what is true.

Thc does not have or cause any health problems in our body like nicotine does. I therefore recommend the usage of marijuana.